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Methodology Development Workshop Synthesis Brief

Methodology Development Workshop Synthesis Brief

Aimed at developing a common framework to analyse global mineral raw material flows, which can be agreed and used at international level, the MinFuture project intends to support data collectors, providers and users. The methodology workshop served to discuss how MinFuture could best support them.

Improving knowledge and quality of data on material cycles was found to be essential, but is faced with challenges such as interrupted information flows or lacking data availability. Here, MinFuture could

  • foster systemic understanding of global mineral raw material flows by mapping the system context;
  • make data/information gaps explicit and showcase examples for resolution (e.g. best practice for collecting national mining data);bring data collectors, providers and users together to talk to each other to identify and improve ways of data/information exchange.
Publishing Date
July, 2017
MinFuture Authors

Allesch, A. (2017). Methodology development workshop synthesis brief. MinFuture Deliverable D3.1. Vienna: TU Vienna