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In the MinFuture project we aim to integrate four core dimensions, (1) Stages (2) Trade (3) Linkages (4) Time.

(1) Stages: Materials go through several stages through their lifetime. From extraction to manufacturing use, end-of life and potentially recycling. This dimension applies to all non-energy raw materials and by integrating all of these steps of processing we can establish comprehensive material cycles.


(2) Trade: The EU, along with other developed countries, depends on the supply of raw materials from international markets. Understanding and visualising the global nature of raw materials value chains to ensure a sustainable supply of primary and secondary raw materials for the EU, requires a good understanding of how the EU material cycles are linked to other regions/countries by international trade. The international trade market provides the boundary conditions for global resource flows, and includes country-to-country trade relationships of minerals and goods.

(3) Linkages


(4) Time

MinFuture Deliverable D3.1

The brief presents key discussion items and main findings from the June 2017 Workshop in Vienna. In order to tackle challenges such as insufficient information flows or lacking data availability, a (more) systemic understanding of global mineral raw material flows is needed. Mapping the system context and making data/information gaps explicit will help identifying possible improvements.

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