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3rd MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference

3rd MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference

“The Future Perspective of Minerals Production in the Circular Economy”

Supporting Europe's transition to a circular economy requires concerted action from both an innovation and mineral production perspective. The MIN-GUIDE project has been following this ambition during the last two years by investigating Europe’s sustainable mining innovation trends and how to foster them through an effective policy framework.

On 11-12 December 2018, the MIN-GUIDE project team invites you to reflect upon the mining sector’s role for a circular economy at its 3rd Annual Conference. The conference will host about 200 participants from all over Europe and will provide an excellent opportunity to learn, explore, exchange, and network.

The first conference day will include keynote presentations and interactive sessions that will discuss MIN-GUIDE project outcomes and recommendations in the context of the Circular Economy on the following topics:

1.mining value chain innovations and what role policy can play for innovation transfer;
2.minerals policy governance and policy-making for a more integrated, transparent, and effective policy delivery; and
3.the requirements for minerals production data systematisation and standardisation.
4.On the second day of the conference, participants will explore how the future of minerals production will be shaped in the Circular Economy in a multi-stakeholder and interactive setting.

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December, 2018