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"Enhancing data robustness at global level" - MinFuture Workshop Synthesis Brief

"Enhancing data robustness at global level" - MinFuture Workshop Synthesis Brief

The MinFuture workshop ‘Enhancing data robustness on global level’ served to present and test the MinFuture approach of placing statistical data in a system context so that global information flows on mineral raw material become less fragmented and provide a more complete, comprehensive and realistic picture.

Workshop discussions highlighted that placing statistical data into a system context would

  • yield benefits, e.g. in terms of improving data transparency, identifying gaps, allowing to build better models and enhance system understanding, facilitating communication among experts and with other stakeholders, and providing societal benefits through improved policy-making and planning;
  • face barriers, such as need for additional time and financial or personal resources, data confidentiality issues, unavailable data or data of poor quality;
  • be able to build on relevant use cases, for instance for updating EC studies on MFA, RMIS, inventory, CRM fact sheets or for revisiting the Phosphorus-budget of Austria for detection of systematic data errors.


Furthermore, workshop discussions

¢ suggested adding relevant data sources and system boundary definitions to representing global flows of Cobalt and of Construction minerals

¢ highlighted that indicators are needed to represent both the goal (e.g. environmental protection) and the means to achieve the goals (e.g. recycling activities), and that any single indicator could mask possible trade-offs (e.g. optimising one indicator can lead to poorer performance in other areas).

Hence, the workshop showed that a system understanding is key to improve both information flows and communication between producers and users of data.


Publishing Date
January, 2018

Hirschnitz-Garbers, M., Lundhaug, M., Billy, R. and Heidenreich, S. (2018). Enhancing data robustness at global level - MinFuture workshop synthesis brief. Berlin: Ecologic Institute