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MinFuture Workshop "Enhancing data robustness at global level"

MinFuture Workshop "Enhancing data robustness at global level"


Robust knowledge on global material cycles should underpin decisions towards secure and sustainable supply of raw materials. However, such knowledge is currently highly fragmented, dispersed and varies significantly between different commodities, countries or life cycle stages, making the integration of data and information impossible. A common ‘language’, which would enable the assimilation of existing knowledge is missing. The purpose of MinFuture is the development of a common approach to material flow analysis (MFA) and the establishment of international collaboration.

Workshop aim

The purpose of this workshop was to initiate a dialogue with key stakeholders that report raw materials data, use data to develop MFA models, or use MFA models to inform decision making. The knowledge and needs of data providers, users and decision actors are different, but in order for a ‘common approach’ to be developed their input is required.

The MinFuture workshop explored the following topics, which relate to MinFuture work on Challenges, systems and data for MFA and Models for MFA

  1. Data for MFA: How can we add more relevance and credibility to data published on raw materials? What context is missing that might enhance their status? How could we present data using an MFA syystem* perspective
  2. Information flows: How do raw material data reporting schemes (information flows) currently operate at national, regional and global level?
  3. Raw material indicators: What indicators are often used to identify issues with raw material supply/ demand? What are their strengths and weaknesses and how do they relate to material flow analysis?

*A system is a set of material flows, stocks and processes within defined geographical and temporal boundaries.

Presentations and workshop documentation

The presentations held during the workshop are available for download below. Please also find the agenda available for download below.

A workshop synthesis brief is under development and will be made available for download via the Results menu in Januar 2018.

November 30, 2017
British Geological Survey
Nottingham, British Geological Survey