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MinFuture Workshop "Methodology Development"

MinFuture Workshop "Methodology Development"


Aimed at developing a common framework to analyse global mineral raw material flows, which can be agreed and used at international level, the MinFuture project intends to support data collectors, providers and users. Improving knowledge and quality of data on material cycles was found to be essential, but is faced with challenges such as interrupted information flows or lacking data availability.

Here, MinFuture could

  • foster systemic understanding of global mineral raw material flows by mapping the system context;
  • make data/information gaps explicit and showcase examples for resolution (e.g. best practice for collecting national mining data);bring data collectors, providers and users together to talk to each other to identify and improve ways of data/information exchange.

Workshop aim

The first MinFuture Workshop (‘Methodology workshop’) served to discuss how MinFuture could support key data providers and users, e.g. through or in:

  • mapping the system context of their activities and discussing at which point the system is introduced (Data source or data providers);
  • highlighting the need to show different data sources used in terms of
    • their origin (whether they are reported or modelled) and
    • the uncertainties associated (because there hardly is any quality control available for checking the data, which companies report (as primary information/data sources) to governments/statistical offices (as secondary information/data sources); and
  • discussing how different data providers interact on (informal vs. formal) information flows.

Four Sessions with presentations from internal and external partners were held:

  1. Mineral data collection by Geological Surveys
  2. Obtaining and harmonising data on urban mines in research project
  3. Material accounting and indicators
  4. Physical National Accounts and international trade

Presentations and workshop documentation

The presentations held during the workshop are available for download below. Please also find the agenda available for download below.

A workshop synthesis brief is available for download here.

June 8, 2017
Vienna University of Technology