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Dr. Evi Petravatzi

British Geological Survey
Working in
WP 5 - Development of ‘common methodology’ and roadmap to implementation

Dr Evi Petavratzi is a Senior Mineral Commodity Geologist working for the Ore Deposits and Commodities team at the British Geological Survey (BGS). In this position she has actively been involved in research that explores ways to enhance the production and use of data for raw materials (primary and secondary), including working in areas relevant to material flow analysis, mineral statistics, critical raw materials and resource efficiency for the mining sector.

Evi has been involved in several related projects including MICA (Leader of the Work Package on Data for Mineral Intelligence), the current ‘Study on the review of the list of Critical Raw Materials’, the SCRREEN project, the Minerals4EU and Minventory projects. She is also responsible for developing a new research theme within BGS on the topic of Circular economy. These projects interrogate data availability on mineral resources, mineral reserves, mineral production and trade and exploration activity across Europe. Evi holds a PhD in mining engineering and is chartered from the Chartered Institute of Waste Management.