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Dr. Mariane Planchon

BIO Intelligence Service (Deloitte)

Dr. Mariane Planchon, Manager at Deloitte Sustainability, holds a PhD in Ecotoxicology and Geochemistry from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (Paris, France) and an MSc/Engineer degree in Chemistry from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris (Chimie Paris ParisTech, France) with a specialisation in Materials.

Prior to joining Deloitte Sustainability, Mariane worked as PhD researcher for CEA Saclay and IPGP for three years, on issues related to ecotoxicity of nanoparticles, environment and physico-chemical colloids characterisation. She also participated in research projects at the Museum d’ Histoire Naturelle de Paris linking medicine and green chemistry. Her technical expertise includes nanotoxicity, colloids characterisation, environmental toxicity assessments, data collection, literature synthesis and scientific redaction. Mariane works on several projects linked to raw material criticality and uses in the European industry. She recently finalised a French research project that assess the uses, flows and stocks of Rare Earths in the EU to establish Material Flow Analysis, that requires intensive data mining and expert consultation. She is also involved as principal consultant in the European study “Study on Data Inventory for a Raw Material System Analysis: Roadmap and Test of the Fully Operational MSA for Raw Materials” (RMSA) to perform the quantitative inventory of uses and flows of 21 critical raw materials in the EU. She has also led a new study aiming at elaborating an inventory of all critical materials used in the European Defence sector for the JRC. Mariane’s mother tongue is French and she is fluent in English. She also has good knowledge of Spanish.