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Dr. Monika Dittrich

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg

Dr. Monika Dittrich is project leader in ifeu’s team Resources and Chemicals. She holds a Diploma in Geography from Phillips University Marburg and a PhD in natural sciences from University of Cologne, both Germany. After studies, Mrs. Dittrich worked five years in the German technical development agency (giz) in Germany, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Thereafter she researched on physical trade at Wuppertal Institute, Germany, and developed a methodology for an efficient use and quality improvement of UNComtrade date for physical assessments of global trade.

She was a lead author of the UNEP International Resource Panel’s report on trade and contributed the trade part to UNEPs IRP assessment of global material flows (forthcoming). Currently, she leads a research project on material demand projections of German economy and a feasibility study on resource efficiency measurement in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. She contributes to further projects of the team in the field of material management and resource efficiency (Germany, India) and material flow accounting (Eurostat).