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Dr. Stéphane Chevrel

Dr Stéphane Chevrel has a an engineering degree in Mineral Resources and Industrial Minerals from the University of Orleans, France. He also holds a post-graduate certificate in Analysis and Management of Geological Risks, University of Geneva, Switzerland. He has 30 years of experience in remote sensing applied to Earth Sciences, with particular focus on environmental impacts of mining activities, mostly in South Africa, Central Asia and Europe.

He co-ordinated the EU FP5 project MINEO (Assessing an Monitoring the Environmental Impact of Mining in Europe using advanced Earth Observation Techniques), the FP6 Specific Support Action EO-LANDEG (Earth Observation Initiative in former homeland of South Africa in support to EU activities on land degradation and integrated catchment management), and the FP7 SICA project EO-MINERS (Earth Observation for Monitoring and Observing Environmental and Societal Impacts of Mineral Resources Exploration and Exploitation). I addition, he has been a Work Package leader in the FP6 BioMne project (Biotechnologies for Metal bearing materials in Europe). Currently he is the Point of Contact for the Community Activity CA-06 “Earth Observation data for managing mineral and non-renewable energy resources” within GEO, the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations.