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Sigurd Heiberg

PETRAD - International Programme for Petroleum Management and Administration

Sigurd Heiberg is Project Director of PETRAD (Internationale Programme for Petroleum Management and Administration), focusing on geological resources, including energy resources.

Sigurd has spent most of his working life in Government and industry working on petroleum resources management and strategy, both as Deputy director of resource management responsible for development and production at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, as Petroleum Exploration advisor to the Minister of Water Energy and Minerals of Tanzania and as a member of Statoil’s Corporate strategy team. He chaired the Oil and gas reserves committee of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (2000-2001), the UNECE Expert group on resource classification (2002-2009) and the Bureau of the UNECE Intergovernmental Committee on Sustainable Energy (2010-2012).

Sigurd has engaged in education by helping the NPD build PETRAD, a facility develop management skills in developing countries. He has been a lecturer at the MIT Sloan Executive Education and at the University of Stavanger. He was a guest editor with MIT Professor Donald Roy Lessard of “Innovation in oil and gas through partnering”, a special volume of Energy Strategy Reviews.

Sigurd holds a BSc) degree from the University of California, Los Angeles ‘67, and a SM degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ’69. He has received formal management training at IMD (International Management in 1981 and High Performance Boards in 2011).