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Teresa Brown

British Geological Survey
Working in
WP 5 - Development of ‘common methodology’ and roadmap to implementation

Teresa Brown is a Mineral Commodity Geologist working for the Ore Deposits and Commodities team at the British Geological Survey (BGS). She has amassed considerable experience in the geology, production and global trade of a wide range of mineral commodities and she is the Project Leader for the BGS’s long-running work relating to Minerals Information and Analysis, which produces the World Mineral Production publication on an annual basis.

Teresa is a co-author of two chapters of the Critical Metals Handbook and she has been extensively involved in the BGS Mineral Profile Series, authoring profiles on tungsten and uranium. Teresa was the BGS lead for the EUfunded Minerals4EU project with specific responsibilities for the Mineral Statistics work-package and the development of a new, digital European Minerals Yearbook. Teresa holds an MSc in GIS.