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WP 6 - Stakeholder dialogue, communication and impact-oriented dissemination

Existing knowledge and networks as well as ongoing research provide a wealth of data, information and experience on the analysis of global raw material flows for better informed decision making. Tapping into and contributing to this wealth for knowledge integration is the central objective of Work package 6. WP6 aims to ensure that relevant stakeholders (such as raw material and material flow experts, public authorities and businesses/business associations) are continuously involved in project activities. This involvement shall foster the co-definition of problems and support the identification of relevant data (gaps) on material flows to thus optimise the relevance and usefulness of the project findings. For this purpose, WP6 will (i) identify key stakeholders to involve and reach out to; (ii) elaborate promising formats for involvement (such as through stakeholder dialogue workshops and a final conference); (iii) provide relevant project outreach material (e.g. project flyer, policy and business briefs); and (iv) set up a web-platform aimed at integrating existing knowledge in a visually appealing and easy-to-use way that encourages knowledge exchange.